Advantages of Custom Koozies

04 Jul

Custom koozies help in preventing wasted warm drinks by keeping them ice-cold thus saving you money. They also serve great advertising tools in the corporate world but giving a chance for businesses to print their logos and their address right to the koozie. By this clients, will for sure want to keep the koozie for future use. Also, they will always be reminded of the company they received it from every time they use it. It is better than the business card which could get lost, but a koozie will last for long.

The company can also use it for special events like trade shows fundraising opportunities or mail out to their best customers to promote a new sale. They can as well be customized and used for personal occasions like weddings, bridal parties, graduations, and reunions. They are designed with exciting sayings that include the name of the guest of honor and the bridegrooms along with the dates of special celebration. It is possible to make them in any color one wishes and any design from the plain solid color to stripes. You can have decorative items like beads or gemstone glued on as well as other decorative items you may have. Explore more about koozie at this website

For your koozies at to be produced there are available materials that can be used for instance plastic, stainless steel, neoprene or plain Styrofoam. The available size of koozies ranges from 12 oz to 24 oz which is the tallest. Moreover, you can also get koozies in wine bottles.  There are many different styles of koozies. For example, the tremendous airy folds down collapsible kind that can fit in a purse style, those that have a zipper and the classic solid one-piece type.

The best koozies at are the one that you can design and make by yourself.  Homemade koozies can be crafted from simple materials obtained from a craft store or those lying around your home. For instance materials from old clothes can be sewn to the base of the container. In addition, thin or thick cotton, organic or suede cotton can be glued to a foam type koozie container. You can also use an embroidery instrument to embroider a monogram to form a koozie. However, you can also use your hands to crochet the koozie to give it a nice polished look.  You can help keep your drink cold by either creating a handcrafted custom or merely getting those that are professionally made.

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